• For approximately 20 years, I have taken Vesicare two times a day and have had to wear Pose Pads for the last five years.  After four Emsella treatments, I was able to reduce my Vesicare and simply wear a panty liner.  Now that I have completed six treatments, I am considering stopping Vesicare entirely.  The Emsella treatments have absolutely changed my life, and I am so thankful that I discovered Emsella.  Thank you Bare Envy.”

    April, 2019

  • Before Emsella my urinary incontinence took over my life. I wouldn’t sit in one spot for too long. I wouldn’t stand too close to people who could smell me. I wore long sweaters just in case. I avoided my husbands advances in shame. I felt guilt and shame taking over my life. I didn’t allow myself to do so many things because of it. I didn’t think Emsella would work for me. Boy was I wrong, in only 6 treatments Emsella changed my life. My confidence is back. I have noticed a huge dramatic difference. Sneezing and coughing I no longer fear. I would say that it is 98% better than when I started. Sexually, I am more sensitive and that side effect has been amazing. My hubby is happy with the results too. I would recommend the Emsella treatment to anyone and everyone. It really was a lifesaver and life changer for me.

    November, 2019

  • I cannot say enough how satisfied I am with the Laser 360 Treatments I have had at Bare Envy. Erin and the staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend any of the services to my friends and family. Keep up the great work!.

    Jennifer Nakonechny,
  • I have been experiencing bladder issues for about year or more to the point where doing jumping jacks or skipping were out of the question at the gym! I would ask the instructor before class what our warm up was going to be! If I knew the answer I would hustle to the bathroom to empty my bladder the best I could!
    I was told about the urinary incontinence treatment program at Bare Envy! Well three weeks later and six sessions later,  I can now do jumping and skipping without worrying about “p’ing” a little! If you are on the fence about this treatment, don’t hesitate!
    I would highly recommend it! Thanks Bare Envy