ClearLift Tattoo Removal

Bare Envy offers Laser Tattoo Removal. While we often get tattoos to express ourselves, who we are and how we express ourselves is constantly changing. Additionally, there are still industries and jobs with a stigma associated with the art of tattoos. Regardless of what tattoo you have and why you want it removed, Bare Envy can help with our ClearLift Laser technology.

Before Laser Tattoo Removal, getting rid of a tattoos was a difficult process which included exfoliation, dermabrasion and even chemical peels. Even after all the hard work, the pigments were often too deep to remove. However, with laser technology, results are much more favourable. Tattoos are made permanent due to the metals they contain, such as manganese, copper, lead and sometimes mercury. White blood cells will try to remove the metal deposits, but the ink particles are often larger than white blood cells. That’s where our lasers come in – our lasers are extremely hot and operate in a very narrow frequency at incredible speeds. The speed and heat of the lasers break up the ink particles using a process called photo-thermolysis creating a Photo-Acoustic effect. The ink particles are broken up so that white blood cells can transport them to your liver using your body’s lymphatic system. This process can be painful and can create scar tissue. The process requires 4-8 treatments per tattoo, depending on size, location and colors used (as black is much easier to get rid of than say yellow; every color requires a different wavelength of light and energy to be lifted). Now that you have an understanding of how the lasers work, you might take caution when getting a tattoo and need not worry about having them removed, but if you already have an unwanted tattoo, we have the perfect device to get you the results you seek.

The laser we use is called our ClearLift laser, a Nd:Yag non-ablative laser operated in the Q-switching mode. ClearLift is developed by Alma Lasers and is an industry leading device trusted by certified dermatologists.

  • Non-ablative lasers are less-invasive than ablative lasers, they work by heating up targeted tissues without actually destroying the tissues, where ablative laser vaporize the outer layers of skin and produce the best results but have more downtime.
  • Q-switching mode is an optical switch inserted in the laser cavity waiting for a maximum population inversion in the neodymium ions before it opens, optimizing our clients desired results. ClearLift ensures that our treatments use only carefully controlled heat to break up ink pigments.

The ClearLift Laser is not just amazing for tattoo removal, it is also the latest treatment in medical skin treatments featuring laser technology perfect for treating dark circles and puffy eyes but also minimizes pores, wrinkles, and fine lines by stimulating the skin’s production of collagen. Treatments with ClearLift take as little as 30 minutes and often you can see immediate results, including plumping, smoothing and tightening and results will only improve over the following month as your face rebuilds the collagen. For the best results, completing 4-6 treatments is recommended and by doing so every 6-12 months, you can fight off aging.

Bare Envy wants to give you a new image with our medical esthetics. Tattoos have existed for thousands of years, but mom was wrong when she said they are forever. Tattoos are not going away but as the tattoo fads come and go, there is an increase in adults that seek tattoo removal, cover-up or redesign. If you still want a tattoo, you may want to consider a cover-up instead of removal, but if you find yourself embarrassed, self-conscious or limited in what you can wear, then removal is the option for you. Our goal is to remove any barriers in the way of you enjoying your ideal self!