The Art of Massaging

The Art of Massaging

Are you aware that getting a regular massage can keep your body functioning at its optimal levels both physically and emotionally? We are social creatures and according to the five love languages, physical touch is very important. It is no wonder that massage therapy has existed for thousands of years and has more than 80 different variations of massages. Let’s examine the benefits massage can provide, the types of massage therapy we offer, our excellent team members who specialize in massaging and options to get the most massage value out of your hard-earned dollar.

The benefits are both physical and emotional. Have you ever noticed that a day or two after an intense workout the targeted muscles ache? With massage, you can expect the opposite. Within the days following your therapy, your range of motion can increase up to 60%. A massage will reduce damaged fibers and reduce the white blood cell count, which means the body does not have to work to repair the damage done by the workout. Massaged muscles also relax which reduces their swelling. In fact, when receiving a massage, your muscles weigh 8% less than muscles that are rested and relaxed. Relaxation is just the tip of the iceberg. Emotional wellness is also promoted through massage therapy. With the increase of blood flow, your mind can concentrate more easily on the things that matter and less on trivial, unimportant things. Your energy is renewed following a massage and the connection between your mind and body, not to mention that physical connection with another, is crucial to a balanced sense of well-being. In addition to the relief of everyday stresses, a good massage can lessen your depression and relieve anxiety. Depending on your goals, we have several options for your specialized massage therapy.


  • Therapeutic Massage Therapy

The mobilization of soft tissue is how we define Therapeutic Massage Therapy. This version is used to assist in the treatment of musculoskeletal issues and restore functional bio-mechanical systems of the body. There is a range of methods and depending on the technique, speed and depth, we can customize your treatment to be anywhere within the range of stimulating to soothing.

  • Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is very different from the conventional massage we think of. There is no clothing removed, no oils or lotions used and typically, the recipient of this massage is stretched, pulled, rocked and/or compressed. This style of massage is just as intimate as the conventional type but is more interactive. The goal of a Thai Massage is to realign the body’s energy lines and pressure points using rhythmic and flowing movements as well as stretches.


  • Rattan Massage

Also known as a Bamboo Massage, Rattan Massages use bamboo stalks to replace the masseuse’s hands. This method is excellent for deep tissue pressure but can be as light or as deep as the client requires. Rattan Massages can incorporate Thai full body massage practices and lymph drainage techniques. One technique involves the tapping of the bamboo stalk during the massage to get the blood flowing and increase circulation to the muscles. The bamboo can also be warmed up, similar to hot stone massages. The techniques employed in a Rattan Massage allow the bamboo to stretch the fascia and loosen adhesions.


  • Relaxation
    A general rule of thumb is that clinics offer Therapeutic massages and spas offer relaxation massages. At Bare Envy, we are client focused and offer whichever our client requires. Relaxation tends to be lighter in touch than a Therapeutic Massage, and the focus is to ease mental tension and superficial aches. A relaxation massage is a great way to pamper yourself and while still relieving muscular tension(s) and improve circulation along with range of movement.

  • Cupping
    The practice of Cupping Therapy loosens muscles, encourages blood flow and sedates the nervous system. When done properly, it can relieve back pain, neck pain, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, migraines, reduce inflammation and even reduce cellulite and break up scar tissue.


If you aren’t sure what the best method is for you, do not stress. We do not want you to develop anymore tension than you already have! We have an amazing team of certified and knowledgeable individuals who are here for whatever you require and are here to make educated suggestions and recommendations.


Erin Nelson, RMT & RDH

Anna Hilt, RMT

Jericho Eliese, RMT


When booking with Bare Envy there are some things to bare in mind to receive the best possible treatment. Do not eat right before a massage; you do not want to stimulate digestion, however, do not skip eating. Try to eat a light meal approximately two hours before your appointment to get the most out of your massage. Drink lots of water before your appointment; this increases circulation allowing your muscles and possible knots to relax. Feel free to drink coffee before, however doing so after might reduce your bodies relaxation. Any gym visits and workouts should be timed prior to your massage followed by a shower. Warm showers help pre-loosen the muscles and begin the relaxation process. Also, skip any perfume or after shave; we deal with bodies and the smell of a natural and clean body beats one coated in chemicals, plus your massage therapist may have scent sensitivities.

Looking forward to your next massage appointment? There is no point in waiting, treat yourself and try one of our many massages! Ask us today about our new Massage Club monthly pricing.

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