Bare Envy Club VIP

Are you a Bare Envy Club Member? We have three amazing monthly packages created for our loyal customers. Each monthly package offered is customized for three service types: Laser Hair Removal Club, Skin Care Club and Massage Therapy Club. Bare Envy treatments will leave you feeling pampered and ultra-relaxed. Regardless of which monthly package you select, the ultimate goal is to make you feel amazing in your own skin. We are going to leave you feeling as though you incite envy with your bare skin!

Laser Hair Removal Club

People are still choosing traditional hair removal techniques, such as shaving, plucking, waxing, and the newest trend, threading, to address their aesthetic goals. The issue with these techniques is that these methods provide only temporary relief. Laser Hair Removal can provide long-term relief with fewer side effects than other semi-permanent options like electrolysis. Laser Hair Removal treatments only work on hair actively growing, and with one treatment, we are able to laser away 80% of the actively growing hairs. We recommend a treatment every 4-6 weeks depending on the area to treat the

new active growth. Because we recommend a treatment every month, we are happy to introduce Laser Hair Removal Club with monthly pricing – an ideal way to get pain-free laser hair removal at an affordable price! Pay monthly and receive 30% off which is broken down on our Laser Hair Removal Pricing Guide. Join the Laser Hair Removal Club* and toss your razors, wax, and tweezers today.

  • There are monthly incentives for Laser Hair Club (ie. For the month of January 2019 you could add underarm treatments to your current regime for only $20/month etc.)
  • There are no hidden fees or costs

Skin Care Club

The skin on your face (and your chest) is thinner than the skin on the rest of your body, but your facial skin works hard every minute of every day. This is why your face requires more attention and care. The internet is full of suggestions, articles, trends, products, techniques, surgeries, you name it, all aimed at improving the skin on your face. This is why Bare Envy created the Skin Care Club so that club members can try many of the professional treatments we offer at discounted prices. Skin Care Club members receive one of the facial treatments outlined on our Skin Care Club Pricing Guide at the discounted club pricing. Members can also choose to have multiple treatments from the list at further discounts off the original price (after your first treatment purchase). Only the first treatment per month is automatically billed on the first of the month and all skin care treatments must be decided the month before. Join the Skin Care Club* at Bare Envy and observe how we can take years off of your face!

  • 30% off your first treatment per month (must purchase one treatment a month to continue on in the club), 40% off your second treatment and 50% off your third for that month
  • Monthly incentives available only to Skin Care Club members (ie. $20 chemical peels)
  • Skin Care Club members get 10% off regular priced skin care products
  • Don’t feel like coming for your treatment one month? Save it and come twice the next month!

Massage Club

Bare Envy offers a variety of massage types customized to what our clients need and we recognize that many customers may require multiple treatments or may want to schedule themselves some time to relax. This is why we created the Massage Club so that we could offer our regular customer and those who require frequent massages discounted pricing. There is a wide range of benefits regular massage therapy offers, from increase circulation, lower blood pressure, improving the range of mobility, and more. Join the Massage Club* and see one of our professional, licensed and registered massage therapists at discounted pricing.

  • Your first massage of the month is $65 for a full hour ($10/off)
  • Every additional massage that month is only $60 for a full hour ($15/off)

*Clients must give 30 days’ notice when they want to leave the Laser Hair Removal Club, the Skin Care Club or the Massage Club.


Don’t forget about our Bare Envy Referral Program, for every client that you refer that becomes a Bare Envy client you get rewarded and so do they! They get 25% off on their first visit and you get:

  • 1 person: 10% off one treatment
  • 2 people: 20% off one treatment
  • 3 people: 40% off one treatment
  • 4 people: 60% one treatment
  • 5 people: 80% off one treatment
  • 6 people: A FREE TREATMENT!

*Discounts only apply to full priced treatments and cannot be combined with Club Member pricing discounts.

Whatever your aesthetic goals for your hair, skin, or body, the team at Bare Envy has multiple options so that you feel confident in your own skin! Our club pricing options are a way to reward our client’s loyalty, but also a way of saying thank you for choosing the professionals at Bare Envy. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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