ClearLift Skin Resurfacing

All Skin Resurfacing lasers work differently, depending on your desired results and how fast or drastically the treatment effects are on your skin. At Bare Envy we offer a variety of different medical skin treatment options in order to treat all types of skin and blemishes, problems, etc. If you are seeking skin resurfacing and facial rejuvenation with no downtime, our ClearLift laser comes highly recommended. It’s important to know what the ClearLift treatment does to your skin so we want to share with you how this laser works on your skin, and what kinds of results you can expect. Bare Envy Laser & Massage want to demonstrate our confidence in the treatments we provide by informing our clients thoroughly prior to their purchase.

ClearLift works gradually over several treatment sessions resulting in improved skin quality, texture, and appearance. This laser is safe for all skin types, especially darker skin tones, this is because of the non-invasive laser we use.  Results are achieved without peeling or flaking, the skin is tightened while pores are reduced. ClearLift skin resurfacing also promotes the development of collagen, this is why we book sessions every 3-4 weeks, scheduled around the skin’s collagen production cycles so that our clients achieve optimal results. Collagen is the protein that makes up almost 80% of your skin, along with Elastin and Keratin. While our skin regenerates itself in a 27-day cycle our collagen production peaks around the age of 20 and then degradation begins. You can take supplements and follow a diet to help collagen production but with only a few treatments of ClearLift Skin Resurfacing you can mitigate the structural changes of your face during the aging process.

The reason that ClearLift is highly renowned for its skin tightening is because it works using a Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Nd:YAG), a crystal that is used as a non-ablative lasing medium for solid-state lasers. Non-ablative lasers are less-invasive than ablative lasers, they work by heating up targeted tissues without actually destroying the tissues, where ablative lasers vaporize the outer layers of skin and produce the best results but have some downtime. This is why there is no harm or pain but also is suitable for sensitive areas like around the mouth and eyes. Using the ClearLift laser ensures that our treatments use only carefully controlled heat as we use Q-switching mode sometimes also called Q-spoiling mode. This means an optical switch has been inserted in the laser cavity waiting for maximum population inversion in the neodymium ions before it opens and releases the laser, optimizing our clients desired results. ClearLift is developed by Alma Lasers and is an industry leading device trusted by certified dermatologists. This reputable device allows Bare Envy to confidently offer aesthetic solutions for a variety of skin issues.

We offer anti-aging laser treatments on skin issues not specific to the face. ClearLift can reduce small veins, skin redness, photo-damage, and discoloration as well as loose skin and wrinkles of the neck and the lines and wrinkles on the chest region. The results achieved through ClearLift Skin Resurfacing treatments have given this service the nickname of “Laser Facelift” or the “Lunchtime Facelift” because the treatments are so quick with visible results. Skin resurfacing using the ClearLift also improves the condition of your skin, helping improve even the most dry and sun damaged skin but has been also used to help acne and the scars that acne can leave behind. ClearLift gently lifts the pits acne scars create, ideal for undulations and shallow scarring. All these results achieved by ClearLift leaving the skin’s outer layer intact. If you want to learn more or want a one on one consultation contact the professional estheticians at Bare Envy, we offer amazing results with competitive pricing.


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